laurie and david’s vintage wedding

i am rather selective when it comes to the weddings i photograph.  this is in no way because i put myself or my photography on a pedestal.  in fact, it is quite the opposite.  to do full justice to a wedding, i think you have to believe in it.  whole-heartedly.  in the couple, their bond, and what their wedding means to them.  weddings are by far one of the best reasons to throw a big ol’ party.  to be perfect hosts and to celebrate your love with friends and family.  though i think it is very easy to get lost in that show.  to be more concerned with everything and everyone looking perfect than the love you are celebrating.  i know my style and where my eye gravitates.  and i know that neither of those would mesh with bigger, brighter, and immaculate.  i would not be able to do an event like that justice.

i met laurie years and years ago when i ran a little coffee shop in town.  she was the sweetest person i had ever met.  seriously.  like when you first meet her you think maybe she is too sweet.  like something is up.  but nope, that’s just her.  she is the kind of person that makes you look at yourself and think that you are not as good as you could/should be.  i know that sounds hooky.  but if you know her, you know exactly what i mean.  and if you don’t, then well, you should totally meet her.  when laurie emailed me months ago about photographing her wedding, she wrote of several details and ideas that she wanted to include.  being super crafty and creative, i knew it would be just beautiful.  when we were finally able to sit down and talk, she told me that she couldn’t imagine anyone else documenting her wedding (i was floating on cloud 9 and blushing at this point).  little did she know that after hearing her gush about david and the celebration of their love that she was planning, i would have fought for it.

when the wedding day arrived, all the details were in place.  the vintage doilies were hung, the mix and match plates that laurie scoured thrift stores for months for were all stacked, her vintage dress was tailored perfectly, and all her handmade hair pieces were completed.  all that was left was to marry her best friend in front of their family and closest friends.  she kept commenting all afternoon about how calm she was.  how ready she was to marry this man.  the only person that may have been more ready was david.  he was completely over the moon.  the way he looked at her all evening was that of every girl’s dream.

laurie and david…thank you so much for trusting me to capture these moments for you.  your wedding was absolutely beautiful, but your love is truly bigger and brighter…

laurie's sweet daddy. i just loved him. seriously, i think i have a little crush on him.

and thank you so much to the wonderful mr. wilson for shooting with me.  i certainly could not have done it without you.


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